Open Studio 6/7/2012

Issue #1 coverLet me know if this penciled cover is a go.


I think I like it! I added a line where I think you should add a very tall building taking up the sky behind him. It looks like you are going easy on the areas of black, which is good for a cover. I think that putting the logo at the bottom is a cool idea. Let's go with it.


ISSUE #4 COVER What about for #4's cover kinetic in diner-atypical cover showing the everyday nature of the rc characters -Kav

I like this idea... but it spoils the ending. What else do you have along these lines? -Josh

hmmm....the ending isnt a surprise ending or anything so it doesnt give anything about kinetic just walking the streets and passersby ignore him or maybe him texting or ordering a burger at a walk up. -Kav

The more I consider it, the more I like him sitting at a diner. But, we must find an interesting way to show it. I am picturing him sitting alone in a booth. I think with this, it is the angle that will make it interesting. -Josh

cover so far  -


him sitting in booth would be cool....hmmm  ps finished cover in dropbox....