Open Studio 6/25/2012 Issue 2 Color Cover Samples

So here's a rough-in of how I think the colors might work effectively. What do you think?
Here's another variation on that same idea:


And here's a variation based on what we talked about, know, with the vertigo effect?


I like the color scheme man the green adds an eerie element.  love the partially lit stairwell.  Vertigo effect is cool.   Josh should we lose the moon?  I know you hate moons.  Maybe max's finger should be glowing with hellfire?


I like the partially lit stairs in each one. I prefer Max in green. I love the vertigo effect and hate the moon! Though, I do think that the effect is a bit over-done. The twistiness should be something that you might not notice right away.

All in all, I would be so proud to have this sitting out on my table next to that issue #1.


I thinks it works best if max is green that the wall not be green as in the last version.  Glow or no-glow on the finger of doom guys?