Here's some early design work on the Rapid City villain, Charge.

I really hate this guy! -Josh

He looks like an asshole.  who drew the pic?


He is an asshole! One of the worst in Rapid City. That was drawn by Jason Krause. -Josh

Only a very amateurish tattoo artist would do those sleeves that way. The right one (his left) is upside-down and backwards. Here's how it would be designed instead. To be fair, Jason's a big pussy so he doesn't know tattoos from Shamus. The should run vertically like this:









ha ha go easy on him Micah-not everyone is a tattooed love dog


You are a moron Micah. Looks better the way I did it. And two other things, stop butt dialing me all the time. I don't want to listen to your ass walking around. Also, stop using the h6 tag (or any of the h tags) for your portion of the conversation. Use the "< p >" tag dummy. — Jason

Why don't you like the look of the H6 tag? And you'd get fired from a shop if you put tattoos on people backwards. It's bad for a shops name.

And that butt-dialing? That's just how I call you, buddy. That's all on purpose because I want you here.



First, it is not that I don't like the look of it, it is a HEADING TAG! You are not typing HEADINGS! You are typing PARAGRAPHS! Hence the < p > tag! Which you don't even need to type because WordPress automatically takes care of it for you.

Second, I don't care what a shop says, it looks better the way I did it. It gives you BIG bold letters that are easy to read. And if a shop wouldn't let me have a tat the way I wanted it, I would leave until I found one that would do it. Plain and simple. It is YOUR body, YOU make the rules. NOT A TAT SHOP!

Just how you call me? All I hear is your ass mumbling away for 3 minutes until the voicemail cuts you off. — Jason

In this corner-We have JASON who is tired of being butt dialed and is rarin to go!  In THIS corner we have MICAH, butt dialer extraordinaire and tattoo genius!  Now LETS GET REAAAAAAADY TOOOOOO RRRRRUMBLE!  Or something.