Open Studio 6/30/2012 Another issue 3 cover-Josh's Idea

What is the Open Studio?

we can do the hg with the other figures small inset in her cape running like kids having fun:

or make her bigger and cropped:

Now I am getting really excited! We need to think of the coolest way to use that cape as a framing device.

I love the huge cape as a backdrop for the rest of the action. I also love Hourglass facing off of the page. That is a strange thing to do, and she is a strange girl. But what to do with the other two? How can we show that Flamethrower is a woman of action, and that AnneMarie is overwhelmed/intimidated by this hero life? -Josh

yeah their poses i'm not focussing on so much-we can always find some action pose -just think-what are they DOING?  I see them as new friends having fun.  I'm really getting into this's a couple more:


ps heres a samnee piece that might spark some ideas:

some poses:

I like the second HG one. She shouldn't be peaceful, but dark and suspicious. Creates tension. The inset of FT and AM should be something like this (but not this): AM holding back or saying, "Oh, my!" as her new friend FT does a crazy power stunt that she could never do.
Meanwhile, HG could do a suspicious sexy look off to the side like Susanna Hoffs or something.


Micah you couldnt put the time where the look occured so I didnt have to watch the whole video???? &%$^%##%#%#%!  it took forever with my slow ass wireless.  Is this what you're talking about:?