Open Studio 7/1/2012 #5 page 4 redo-done

What is the Open Studio?

a little preview:

Before you get too far in inking the minutia of that upper part, remember: there are big logos and stuff that will be covering some of that.

Kav, this is fantastic! THIS is the splash page for issue 5! Awesome work, man. Micah, this is not the cover image, this is for issue 5! -Josh

yeah micah-get it right!


almost done!

i went back in my records-here were the original ideas for the cover:

the girls of rapid city

flamethrower, HG and annemarie in foreground, arms folded, smirking
maybe AM playfully putting on mask like she wants to be part of the in crowd
(Maybe she gets powers in future issue?)
kinetic battery glyph in B/G bemused
city rising up around them
playing cards laid out like a poker hand.
Flame, HG and AM on face cards
then kinetic and Daryl on the other 2 cards
maybe on table gauntlets or other equipment
party scene steranko style with the girls-maybe dancing or using powers
the girls in ludicrous pajama party scene
girls coming at you in action poses like charlie's angels
CHAIN getting taken out by the girls, boys unneeded in B/G
girls bursting through windows where boys are meeting
That sounds great! Put all those together!
PS: I need a better way to communicate with you directly, Kav. Do you facebook or google talk? Or anything like that? Email?
email dude- [CENSORED]  here's the finished page:

Kav, I love this page! Well done. -Josh

good call on redoing it dude