Open Studio 7/13/2012

What is The Open Studio?

OK, Kav has suggested that we get talking about the cover for issue #5. Good idea. In the first story arc, the covers were much more thematic than representational. This time around, I think that I would like to have each cover actually show something that is actually happening inside the comic. But, I would also like for all of the covers in this arc to have a kind of visual unity. If you glance at a whole bunch of Rapid City covers, you would be able to spot these four straight-off. I have some ideas... but let's hear yours first. -Josh

ok mine is hourglass. The issue is basically about her.  pick your fave HG scene and lets expand on that... -kav

I am not sure about my favorite Hourglass scene. In fact, I think this might not be the issue to focus on her. Here is what I am picturing. Each cover in this arc arranged with this basic layout. On the left side of the image, from top to bottom, there will be a full sized shot of one of the main characters. Behind that, and taking up the rest of the cover would be that same character in a dramatic or exciting moment from the comic. If that is what we do, then the character order should probably be: Maxwell Murder, Kinetic, Red Lion, and finally Hourglass. What do you think? -Josh