Open Studio 7/20/2012 Max Goes Beddy-Bye

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Now, when I wrote that scene, I intended for Hourglass's stuff to simply be around him in the room... so that it was clearly HER space and not a hotel room or something. This killer is violating a very personal space here. You read it as he has taken some of her things and spread them out on the bed near him. I like that because it is crazy, I don't like it because it isn't Max's typical variety of crazy. He does not obsess over his victims, instead, he does not give a crap about them. But back on the 'like' side... maybe this moment shows us a different side of this psycho. What do you think? -Josh

i think it is creepy as hell and thus great


Then it stays! The other thing is Max's smile. He looks a little too content. Max is fine with being a scum-bag killer, but he is still deeply troubled. He does not get peaceful sleep. He gets troubled sleep. -Josh

gotcha.  PS when I read the script and thought you meant put her stuff around him it didnt read that he was obsessing over her-more like he was mocking her-thats why I put in the smile.  He's looking forward to killing.