Open Studio 7/2/2012 #3 cover idea cont'd

What is the Open Studio?

For the past few days, Josh, Kav, and Micah have been kicking around new designs for the cover to Rapid City issue #3. Kav has posted this latest sketch idea.

Kav, I dig this concept, but I think this city in the cape thing might work better in the next story arc. In issue 5-8, Hourglass and Maxwell murder pursue one another through the city. This would work well for that. Save it. For the "girls of Rapid City" concept, it doesn't really have the right... tone. Hourglass is great, but the other two look like silly kids. My idea here is for Hourglass and Flamethrower to seem very impressive in their own ways. And, despite that, AnneMarie remains brave and stable. Any ideas? -Josh

Is AM brave and stable?  so do we wanna scrap the cape entirely for this cvr-i think we better if we're gonna use later....Hmmm  how about that other cover with the big HG head montaged on the other two?  give me an adjective to describe the cover. -Kav

AnneMarie is strong and stable. There aren't really any weak women in Rapid City. The big head idea is ok, except that it seems to make her a threat, or a figure with power over the others. She she be a lurking mystery. Maybe a large image of her, but she is walking away and looking back over her shoulder, so we would see mostly cape and her face at the top. Then have Flamethrower and AnneMarie doing their own thing against that back-drop. Is that too similar? -Josh

PS dude a LOT of transformation over the past week-I REALLY was hating my drawing and did a lot of studying-I revised those pages over and over and over-the most I've ever done by far-I think I'm starting to settle down though because the things I need to do, expressions I need to capture are easier...I'm eventually gonna do a Comic Related article about it with images-you'll see.  I wonder if I ever will reach that stage where I am completely satisfied-FOR GOOD-about my drawing.  I am not a natural artist by any means-I need ref for everything-this is a weakness but also a great strength-I'd rather draw how I do than most who draw freehand....

what about FT running or jumping with flames: and AM confident:


I can see this coming together now. Hourglass at far left, top to bottom. But she is turned away and looking back over her shoulder at us. Her cape is the backdrop for the other two. Flamethrower is leaping on the right hand side of the page and blasting flame at the bottom. Her flame spreads across the entire bottom of the page. In those flames (but not really IN them) is AnneMarie. She is standing strong, unaffected by the heat (probably because Flamethrower's telekinetic flames produce very little heat). It is the montage again, so AnneMarie and Flamethrower are not in the same scale at all. No need to be. From those images... I think Flamethrower's leaps would be more that of a gymnast or a dancer. And that pose for AnneMarie has too much strut to it. Her strenght is a little quieter than that. Also, love the stickers and page you sent! -Josh

ha ha glad you like em dude.  oh yeah i thought of one other change-when max says on p 9 'now where did that fat kid go?'

i didnt draw him fat so maybe max could say 'now where did four-eyes go?'