Open Studio 7/2/2012 new pages coming

What is the Open Studio?

I should have all revised pages and pages 15-20 in Dropbox by tomorrow dude.  PS You may want to change Hourglass saying "I'm A Scientist" on p 20-no scientist calls themselves a 'scientist'-they say "I'm a chemist" or "I'm a physicist". -Kav

There is quite a bit of dialogue that is a little clunky in this issue. I am going go through streamline all of it before it gets lettered. Any time you spot something like that, let me know. -Josh

And dont forget to have them using each other's names!  otherwise the script is pretty solid-and kudos on giving each character a defined motive/goal-believe it or not this is kinda rare.  It's what makes so many books have flat characters that no one cares about.  "I always knew you were EVIL" type of dialogue... -kav