Open Studio 7/22/2012 cover colors

The last post was getting a little long, so i am continuing it here.Making this diner black and white with red benches is biting, cliche, and ugly. We must do better than that. If this was your diner, how would you decorate it? -josh

Posted from Rapid City Mobile.

well, if it was MY diner (Kav's Dine n Such), I  would have zebra stripes and lava lamps everywhere.  Also, old movie horror posters and cowboy paraphanalia, saddles, spurs, etc.  I would also definitely have one of those gypsy fortune teller machines.  That's a definite.  There would be a giant hamburger ride thing in the middle that the kids could ride on for a quarter.  Colors would be mostly UV light flourescent.


Seriously, diners are colored certain ways to activate people's eating desires-the same thing for food packaging.  That's why red and earth tones are big.  But-I was proposing for the red, not black and white.  We could instead go pastel:


We are in the business of communication and symbols, not in the business of diners. If you use the coral and turquoise color scheme, I (the reader) am going to assume that the characters are in Albuquerque. The reason diners are decorated in white, black, and steel is to show dirt. The logic is that a good clean diner will not try to conceal its grunge with colored or patterned tiles. After Steak n Shake and White Castle pinned down the look. all the other joints followed suit.

Think less about any particular bigotry you have against a color. You should be thinking about storytelling, mood, and symbol.



I totally agree.  But not about the albaquirky statement-there are diners like this in every city town and village.