Open Studio 7/23/2012 issue #6 pages 1-4

What is the Open Studio?

Kav has submitted another chunk of Rapid City pages. This time they are from Rapid City #6. The team will discuss the pages here and offer commentary and suggest revisions.

Kav, I decided to post thi set of pages in smaller batches so that the comments do not get out of hand. -Josh

Page 1. As I have already mentioned, this page is great. I am amazed that you were able to pull off that many panels.

Page 2. The revisions here are genius. I love how Max almost completely vanishes in that first panel. Though, maybe just one more little bit of light on his head or shoulder might keep the reader from missing him entirely.


I think its good to leave it-one of those things like in watchmen where you kick yourself for not seeing it at first and it makes you pay more attention to the art.



Page 3. Scary! You nailed it. Love the mail on the table.

Page 4. Max is really scary. I hate what a creep he is in this page


little does he know the last thing he wants is to encounter Hourglass face to face.  she would time freeze his ass and toast him.  cocky bastard.


Oh man! That reminds me again... you still don't know how this story ends! -Josh