Open Studio 7/24/12 - Color Comprehensives

What is the Open Studio?

Here are three color comps I've worked up for issue 4. Let me know what you like and dislike here.

1) rc 4 comp 1: After Hours

2) rc 4 comp 2:Nostalgia Afternoon

3) rc 4 comp 3: On Rainy Days Comments? Love, Micah

They look cool. I'm still thinking we need red booths and trim though. -kav

Those booths ARE red, Kav. And I'll do trim when I get into actually painting -- these are just roughs. Any comments, concerns, or preferences on these three? Is there a spectrum that you imagined instead? Love, Micah

not sure yet dude-I think it look good so far man-i trust you bro.  ps that table-the perspective is off -kav