Open Studio 7/3/2012 #3 cover more images

What is the Open Studio?

Kav and Josh are considering different reference photos for the cover to Rapid City #3

How about something like this for Flamethrower and AnneMarie?

and this for HG, minus the smile:


That looks great for Hourglass. AnneMarie should not be walking. Standing still is more stable, and we are going for stability. I know it is not as dynamic as walking, but she is supposed to contrast the other, more dynamic, figures. The dancer for Flamethrower just looks wrong... No, not completely wrong. She needs the power, grace, and weightlessness of a dancer, but without being such an obvious ballet pose. -Josh

Maybe more like.. volley lunge Imagine that foot pointed down so that it looked like it was not on the ground, and a flame blast coming from the extended arm. volley 2 Point that foot, and correct the hands and you could have a double flame blast here. -Josh

Or this!


I like the last one-the close up-the others look too awkward.  ok we have hg and ft how about am:

i like the last one myself


That last one is good, but she has to be tilting her head slightly back rather than slightly forward is flirty, backward is defiant. -Josh

thats the one I'm going with then