Open Studio 7/7/2012 RC 5 p 23-24 revisions

What is the Open Studio?

Kav has done some panel revisions on the pages he recently posted.

Here ya go-I also redrew the lame gun in bag -Kav

This is a great panel. It does exactly what it needs to do. Nice work.

You see how she feels about that coke? That's how I feel about this panel!

I didn't even notice the awkward gun in the previous version. Looks good.

Ok, the switch in the panels at the end of page 24... I think we should make the switch. I will adjust the dialogue so that it makes sense. Ending with that shot of Hourglass, and then the dead body, it's just too good to walk away from. -Josh

switch complete-good call.  PS where did Becca get all that coke she was holding in the pic you sent me?


That is actually confectioner's sugar that we just happened to have out. Here's a tip, it is much easier to mix that into iced coffee than regular granulated sugar. -Josh