Open Studio 7/9/2012 - coloring #3 cover

                            What is the Open Studio? Colors for #3 cover. I think it might be interesting if we try this: The top is dark and the bottom is light on this cover-sort of a yin/yang deal. The tendency would be to color the dark area-hourglass and city-in cool colors and the bottom-flamethrower in warm. What if we did the reverse? Hourglass in like warm sunset colors, annemarie in greenish tones as green can be warm or cold and she's in the middle-and flamethrower in cool blue flame colors



I was thinking something similar, but instead of green, I was going to go with pinks for AM...this way we get a transition of magenta/red -> pink/violet -> blue/white. I was also attempting to model the technique of the master montage painter, Drew Struzan. In turn, I am just finishing up the underpainting stage. Here's a screen-capture of that progress so far.

dude I actually like this cover AS IS.  The unfinished limited palette is quite fetching.  just punch up the city and bam-Josh please can we do it?  gritty.  I have no idea HTF you made it look like a painting.


That is gorgeous! But leave it like that? I don't know... is there any reason to do a special edition or something that could have that? -Josh