Open Studio 7/21/12 - Issue 3 Cover Colored

  What is the Open Studio?

Well, I whacked away at this one for a long time. Since it was a montage, I tried to pay homage to the master poster artist, Drew Struzan. Turns out the final result looks more Mac Hall than anything so painterly, but I like it a lot. Here goes. I'll start with the linework:

What do you think, Josh? Can I guess what you will pick? Love, Micah

I like em both.  Awesome. -kav

Well, talked to Josh and he doesn't like the white background as a principle. So, he's asked me to expand the blue flames there. I'll have that rework posted soon. Love, Micah

Here's the Josh-modded one (plus I figured out why it was shifting toward green so much!)

yes white b/g is a no go -kav

Not to be persnickety, but I think white has its place. For example, here: