What is the Open Studio?

The Rapid City Open Studio is the venue in which the creators of the Rapid City comic book collaborate. Like most modern collaborators, we began this project via email. But in an effort to connect with our fans, and make this process more transparent, we started doing all of our collaboration here, on the front page of the Rapid City Blog.

This means that when an artist has new pages of art for the book, rather than sending them straight to the writer, he posts them here for everyone to see. And, if there are revisions to be made, those are also done here, in public.

As this is a developing process, these posts can get a little sloppy at times. We will try our best to keep it clear for the reader. Though, this is primarily our workspace so our main priority is that it remains clear, and functional, for those of us creating the comics.

To help clarify things a little bit, here's who we are.

Josh. I am the creator and writer of Rapid City. My comments will be the ones which are indented as though they are quotes, and signed -Josh

[Shawn. I am an artist on Rapid City. My commenst will be set off with brackets. My posts are signed --Shawn]

Kav. I am a inker and penciller of Rapid City. My comments and posts are plain black text (as I am not that good with "code"). My posts are signed -Kav

Micah.I am the colorist for Rapid City's covers. Appropriately, my comments will be the ones in color, and are usually signed Love,