Issue 35

The script for issue #35 of my super-villain revenge epic, Rapid City, has just been posted. Read it here.

Panel 4. Shannon walking out into her hall, holding the bat out in front of her. There is light coming from a door that is open a crack.


Hey! There someone in here?

Panel 5. Largest panel on the page. Shanon has opened the bathroom door and discovered Coil in there. He has no shirt, just some sparse wires wrapped here and there. He is bruised and bloody.. but not badly injured. He is hunched over and vomiting in the toilet.


Coil! What are you doing here?

Panel 6. Small shot of Coil's face. He is looking back at Shannon. His humanity is gone. There is vomit on his lips and bloody scrapes on his face. His expression is that of a sick, injured, dog.

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