Kav's new project

That's a nice looking page, there. I am so used to seeing you draw people in regular, domestic, situations... You really nailed the crazy cosmic grandeur at the end there. Wow. Though, I gotta say, the clouds in panel 4 seem weak. Drawing wise, they do not look as good as the rest of the stuff on the page, and dramatically they are not living up to their potential. This panel shows this craft crossing the threshold into space. The clouds in the atmosphere represent that moment of adventure. So, what are they telling us? They could be foreboding, welcoming, triumphant, mysterious, ethereal, crowded, lonely.... this panel, and these clouds, could do a lot to tell us about how we are supposed to feel about this space flight. But as it is, all I am seeing is "fluffy". This whole thing looks cool, though. I look forward to seeing more of it. -Josh

hmmm...food for thought josh, as always-those clouds should look doom-filled....here's another couple panels-ps this respite from RC is bringing up some artistic inspiration.  Not saying it's better than RC just after hammering out 6 issues the change is percolating stuff....