Open Studio 8/2/2012 issue #6 page 14 - 16

What is the Open Studio?

Page 14

Page 14. Tension ratcheting up for Max. He is such a low-pressure predator. I am really happy about that with him. I love panel 4 with Max's head bordered in shadow like that. Panel 6, with the books tumbling, is just terrific.

Page 15

Page 15. From tranquility to rage in the space of one panel. Now that is a psycho. The broken reflection shot is just amazing. Did I write that? Or is that you riffing? Either way, I love it. Panel 5... this is the second time that Max has done a weird little sexy move. and it just makes him creepier. And then in the last panel here.. his big eyes and hang-dog face make him almost sympathetic. I think I see a little bit of William H. Macy on his face sometimes.

ha ha dude I'm glad you like it-it was scripted as shards falling but I thought a cracked mirror would be more dramatic-then I realized I would have to put max in the mirror, since it was a straight on shot-so I was forced to draw max- a scary thing actually because drawing over a bunch of pre existing lines-the cracks-is so easy to screw up. The lines tend to get confused...then i realized that if the cracks were in focus, then the image of Max would be blurry-google searching cracked mirrors confirmed this-which actually made my job easier because I could use bold blurry brush strokes which are easily delineated (literally 'de-lined') from the cracks...the rest is history as they say. As far as his sexy moves-he's a graceful killer.

-kav Page 16

Page 16. He is so relaxed here that it is almost disgusting. Panel 1 is just gross. Now, I believe you said you would leave it to the letterer to fill in the text on the screens. i think that is a great idea. Great pages here. -Josh

thanks I did my best.  He is even grosser in the upcoming pages.