Open Studio 8/29/2012

A little process stuff.The Rapid City comic is at several different points in its production right now. Issue #1 is one bit of polish away from being sent to the printer. That's done. Issue #2 is on deck. Kav has found a letterer is good and eager to learn. That seems to be the theme for this project, so I said bring him on. That book is about to be lettered.

To get it lettered, I need to re-write the script. I wrote that script almost 3 years ago, at a time when I never expected to find an artist. It is a bit clunky, as scripts go. I was writing it so that ANY artist could do it, so I over-wrote it. Well, Kav came in and drew it, and it looks great. But, now some of the dialogue that I wrote either doesn't quite work any more, has to be moved, or is just not needed. This means I have to create a revised script. To do this I write a up a quick skeleton of the script based on the actual art pages. This is just panels and pages, and just a few words of description. Then, using my TV as a second screen, I put the pages up one at a time. On my lap-top screen, I look at the original script side-by-side with my new bare-bones one. Then I start going through, panel by panel, and making sure the script still works with the page as it is drawn.

Mostly I am trimming un-needed wordiness and adding in names. Once i get rolling, it actually goes pretty quickly. -Josh

this modified 'Marvel Method' should be used in all the books dude.