Open Studio 8/3/2012 Issue #6 pages 17 -19

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Page 17

Page 17. Looking good. i like this Glyph quite a bit. i also like the very real looking lessons that re going on. I have noticed that Hourglass once again has her cape off. Is this actually a character thing, where she takes it off in-doors... or is this Kav cutting a corner by avoiding drawing the cape? I don't think i have ever seen you cut a corner before, so that seems pretty unlikely. Also, nice work leaving the room for the balloons. this is a very nice page.


I figured she takes off her cape when she's not crimefighting.  Its her version of street clothes.


That is what I figured. If you can figure out a way to work it in, maybe show her putting it on or taking it off at some point. Just so the reader can see it happening. -Josh

Page 18.

Page 18. I like Glyph's office... though the name on the door seems odd. i think it should say "Head Master". -josh

Script said 'glyph'-but i can change-what about 'counselor'...headmaster sounds too british -kav

I think I like the Britishness of "Headmaster". Remember, Glyph draws his influences from all over the world. So, when he takes on the role of a man running a school, it makes sense that he would draw on the influence of the Brits. -Josh

Unless he runs the school he would not have a say in his title.  The schools I teach at for instance a counselor could not suddenly start calling themselves headmaster.  Also headmaster is the Principal.  Is he the Principal of the school? -Kav

It is HIS school. In the script I refer to it as Glyph's school... even in the party scene... because it is HIS school. So, yeah, he is the headmaster. -Josh

Page 19


Page 19. Now things are getting serious! Another great page. I was afraid all of this siting and talking would be dull, but you make it work. -Josh