Open Studio 8/5/2012 Issue #6 pages 20 -22

What is the Open Studio?

Page 20. These close-ups really break up the monotony of talking heads. Also, the background stuff really adds to the mood here. And that last panel, with those statues, that is brilliant. That is what it looks like when an artist is on his groove. Something looks odd about Hourglass's eyes in panel three. Her eyeballs are turned so far to the right that she couldn't see anything at all with her right eye. You see? The actual pupil has gone under the eye-lid. Looks strange. Doesn't it? -Josh

I see her right iris is too small-good catch.  fix in dropbox.  I guess I wasn't in the groove with that eyeball... -kav

Page 21. Ahh! Great page! I love the way this parallel works here. Both parties are getting answers and taking actions, but seemingly in different directions. The flame-bordered panel is working. Do more stuff like that. Just so long as it serves the story and doesn't distract from it. -josh

Yeah studying George Perez has given me some ideas. -kav

Page 22. Fantastic page. Hourglass is breaking down and Kinetic is just along for the ride. Cool. I only just now realized that I was basing this on actual events. In panel 3, her finger point looks weak. I would rather see her elbow stretched into a slightly painful, but more dramatic, position. The power of her gesture is muted by the fact that her hand is over-lapping her shoulder. Those last two panels... just great! -Josh

I'll make a more accusatory pointing -kav