Issue 36

The script for Rapid City #36 has just been posted. Read the whole script here.  

Panel 1 Wide shot of the bleak, wintery, lake-lot. Coil stands at the far left of the panel. He is facing the reader, but far away. He is tense and ready for war. ICICLE's feet are just barely in the panel at the far right.

Panel 2 Tight shot on COIL's eyes, maybe some more of hisface. He looks angry.
Your arm... what is that?
Panel 3 Wide shot of the two of them facing off like gunslingers. Icicle is on the left and Coil is on the right. Each fills their own side of the panel. This panel has no borders, and bleeds out across theentire page.
Why did you come here, Coil?
To kill you.
Panel 4 Mirror of panel 2. Tight on Icicle's eyes. Looking icy.
No you didn't, you coward, you-
Panel 5 Mirror of panel 1. Icicle far away, facing the reader. She is at the far right side of the panel. At the far left are Coil's feet. They look like he is running toward her.

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