Marvel Method

Kav and I are launching an experiment in working in the Marvel style. We'll keep ya posted.

and here it is.

Okay lately Josh has been going nuts studying the Marvel Method.   He listens to Keiron Gillen's podcast 'decompressed' which discusses the re emergence of this style of making comics.  He proposed to me doing a 3 pager and testing his Marvel Method skills. I drew up this 3 page short featuring Monkey.   Now strictly speaking it's not marvel method because  Josh didn't give me any direction, I just drew a bunch of stuff I wanted to draw with some minimal thought to cohesiveness.   Also i have  been studying David Aja, and wanted to 'design the page' rather than just draw a bunch of utilitarian panels.  So it's a double experiment.  Here's the pages which feature Monkey and which I call 'Monkeyshines' without the words. A future post will have the final product after Josh figures out what kind of words to put in there.