Open Studio 9/1/2012

Issue #1 went out to the printers yesterday. This is very exciting.Kav has a guy named Eric hard at work lettering issue #2, so that will be going out to the printer sometime soon as well. Meanwhile, I am writing the last chapter of the Icicle story line. Some big changes coming up in Rapid City. I wonder how fast Kav can draw to burn through the 30 issues that are between him and me? -Josh

Kav will burn through those issues as soon as the letterer catches up with me.  I currently have six completed issues and only one is lettered.


This is a page I just wrote for issue #36.

Panel 1. Wide shot of the bleak, wintery, lake-lot. Coil stands at the far left of the panel. He is facing the reader, but far away. He is tense and ready for war.

Panel 2. Tight shot on Coil's eyes, maybe some more of his face. He looks angry.

Panel 3. Wide shot of the two of them facing of like gunslingers. Icicle is on the left and Coil is on the right. Each fills their own side of the panel. This panel has no borders, and bleeds out across the entire page.

Panel 4. Mirror of panel 2. Tight on Icicle's eyes. Looking icy.

Panel 5. Mirror of panel 1. Icicle far away, facing the reader. She is at the far right side of the panel.