Open Studio 9/2/2012 Marvel Style

Since listening to the Decompressed podcast on Marvel Style, I have been fascinated by it.I want to try it right away! I usually over-write my panels just a bit in the full-script style. I think that, by this point, Kav knows that this is not me being obnoxious, but rather uncertain. I also tend to let the dialog lead the scene. I mean that I will often just let the characters talk... let them flow where ever they want to go. This is why i have so much repetition in my early drafts. Then I will take all of that rambling and pare it down into tighter flow, one that actually moves from turning point to turning point. I use those turning points to plan out my panel breaks. Every time the conversation changes direction, I need a new panel. That method works pretty well.

But, in my zeal to use Marvel Style, I have been trying something else on my latest issue. Instead of think about what everyone is going to say, I have been trying to think about what the page, or the next panel, should look like. Then I just write that. With little dialog tags like "COIL speaks" so that I know I have to come back and put in SOME kind of chatter. It is so much fun, and it makes the dialog that eventually goes in so much more vibrant. This is just my half-ass Marvel Style and I already love it! -Josh

Josh you are really onto something-this is a very dynamic and responsive writing method and you can utilize it on the books I have already drawn-that's the beauty of it....

one downside of the method is it led to the infamous Lee/Ditko feud.  But i never want credit for anything but the art so this would never be an issue with me and any writer.  Of course I didn't co plot any of RC but I'm just sayin.