Open Studio 9/8/2012 revisions

Issue 2 is already in the hands of Magnus for lettering. In fact, he told me that today he was sitting at an artist's alley table at a Uruguayan comic con and lettering RC #2.Well, this spurred Kav to take another look at those pages and consider some revisions. He told me that he is going to go through and re-draw some panels. Mostly faces that he is no longer satisfied with.

Which brings us to this page. The title and credits you see here are just Kav's place-holder. He put that in there to show the letterer where to put the actual title and credits. Since that time, it has occurred to me that we will have title and credits on the inside front cover, so there will be no need for them here. Once I saw this as an empty panel, it occurred to me how lucky the layout of that second panel is. In this scene, Kinetic is dreaming of getting up over the city, but feeling tied down by his obligations. So, if we filled the top panel with open sky and the tops of buildings, it would show what he was thinking about in a pretty cool way. Kav, what do you think? -Josh


you sold me on your vision- I'm adding the skyline... -Kav