Battery pin Up

So josh wanted a pin up of an RC character and I went with battery....unfortunately Josh didn't like it so we're on to plan 'B'....

Not that I didn't like it exactly. But as a pin-up in issue 2, it didn't quite do enough for the series as a whole. This early on, information and page space are at a premium. If we are going to take a page to show off a character, then we have to not only tell the reader something about that character... but make sure that it's something they will want to come back for. This image just doesn't quite do that. It was dumb of me to assume you knew the character as well as I did. I should have sent you a quick write up as soon as you selected him. -Josh


actually I did know all about battery and his alien lego powers what I didn't know was that you wanted me to depict that somehow.  The only info I got was 'I need a pin up'....of course I should have requested more info-that's on me.