Issue 37

The script for issue #37 of Rapid City has just been posted. Read it here. Attitudes towards crime, and crime-fighters, have been changing in Rapid City. Switchboard starts to wonder if the city still needs superheroes just as a human villain ignites an extra-dimensional invasion.

Panel 2 Heikkous atop a mound of cars. She has clearly pushed all of the cars in a medium sized lot into a large pile and has gotten on top of it to gloat.

HEIKKOUS I am Heikkous, war-born. I mark the end of all that you have known.

Panel 3 Flamethrower charging across the cleared lot toward Heikkous.

HEIKKOUS Rejoice! Your last days are at hand!

FLAMETHROWER Yeah? Maybe you should rejoice.

Panel 4 Flamethrower using one huge flame arm to vault herself high in to the air, and using the other to form a huge flame fist.

FLAMETHROWER Because your last day is at hand!

Panel 5 Sidekick standing up from the rubble, looking surprised and impressed with the action in front of him.

SIDEKICK Kick her ass, Flamethrower!

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