Rapid City Dailies

Recently I entered an artist's block period-where I feel I suck and don't feel like drawing. After drawing a page a day for nearly 3 years, this was a shock to me. To get me out of this funk, Josh Dahl, writer of Rapid City, came up with this project, based somewhat on the Marvel Method.-Kav

We will straighten the details out as we go.

But for now, this is how it works. Every day, Kav will draw and post a panel. Once I see that panel, I will write whatever dialog or narration I think it needs. Then, based on that, Kav will post the next panel the next day. Neither of us has any idea what the other will do, and we have agreed to just "go with" whatever the other one does.

The only rule is that each panel must contain conflict, and the scene must hold for at least a page

So, here goes.