freehand experiment

Josh has always wanted me to freehand but i told him i sucked at it and drew this page to show him but...HE LIKED IT. ps these are small panels like 2 by 3 inches  larger panels will obviously look better so this is encouraging.   That is, it's giving me COURAGE.

Kav, this page is fantastic. Looking as critically as I can, some of your clothing does not quite hang like it should. Panel 2 does not look like a guy in a suit crouching down. It does not look bad, it just looks off. Also, the woman in panel 3 has oddly skinny legs. And that's about it. I am very excited about where this is taking you. -Josh

dude in panel 2 is wearing a kinetic outfit and the chick is a skinny crack ho.


i also found a way to bluescreen it in gallery: