The 15th

Tomorrow is the 15th and I do not have anew Rapid City script ready to go. The one I have is barely begun at all.

If you look at the dates on this post, and on the previous one, you will notice that I have taken a month off.

I needed it, and it was a good place in the story for a break. Plus, right now I am about 35 issues (and thus, 35 months) ahead of the art. So, I think i have a little break room there.


That said, I am starting work on my next comic... and it will not be Rapid City.

THAT SAID... I am not done with Rapid City at all. I have barely begun with Rapid City. But, the very long safety buffer between me and the art gives me some room to flex some different muscles.

My rule is to have a new script every month, but it doesn't always have to a Rapid City book.

I am going to be working on a sci-fi/romance comic that I can use as a pitch-piece for other companies.

Have a very happy Valentines Day