Last Weekend: Brushes With Celebrity pt1

For a while now, I have been a fan of Marc Maron's WTF podcast.A few weeks ago, while on my way to the comic shop on a Wednesday after work, I was listening to the show when I heard the announcement that a there would be a live reading of Marc's book at the nearby Brattle Theater.

As the podcast was already a few weeks old, and the Brattle quite small, I assumed that tickets would be too expensive and fully sold out. But, the store selling them was practically on the way to the comic shop, so I stopped in and asked what was available. Turns out tickets were only 5 bucks, and there were exactly two left!

Marc has mentioned enjoying comics in the past, and the DIY way in which he used a podcast to carve his own place in the entertainment world, so I thought I would give him some copies of Rapid City. And some cookies. I asked Bekah to make a batch of cookies.

Jump ahead to last Friday. After work, I met Bekah down in Harvard Square. We hung around and then went over to see the show. I brought some comics, she brought some cookies.

The show was great. And afterwards, I gave Marc the comics and the cookies. He seemed very pleased to get both.

Then Bekah and I went to dinner.

I was awakened by the shocking report that "he threw away the cookies". What? "He threw away the cookies." She had read this...

So began a brief twitter war. It turns out, he actually meant the cookies that the hotel had left for him... and he ate and loved the cookies Bekah brought.

And all is well. I hope he liked the comics as well.