Comics versus time

One of the scariest things about making your own comics is the fact that you are making your own comics.That's it. Just you. If I don't get a thing done, it doesn't get done. And there's no one who's going to say " hey, are you done with that thing yet? "

So, how do you overcome this lack of accountability? You just do. Three are lots of little tricks you can apply to trick yourself into feeling like the eye off the panopticon is on you. But it isn't, it's just you.

For example. I committed to making a new blog post this evening. And then I spent a whole, long, day at work. And then I had a huge, yummy, burrito for dinner. And, suddenly, it just seemed like a great idea to go to sleep. And I could have. I did for a while.

But I knew better. Personal accountability is a slippery slope. If I let myself slide once, I won't respect me anymore. I'll start to take advantage of my own leniency.

Even cranking out a crappy post like this is better than going soft on my personal obligation to create a blog post.