"It's Clobberin' Team!"

For a few months now I have been kicking around an idea for a new project. Something that would happen in a superhero/villain world, but would be mostly focused on ass-kicking.I got the idea while listening to The Transplants at Boston's House of Blues. Some of their songs are just so bad-ass that I started to think about writing a story that could match that level of ass-kick. I thought about it for a while and then just let it go. Then just the other day, I was thinking about the difference between Daredevil and Batman. Batman uses theatrics, and all of the tools at his disposal, to make himself mysterious. No one is sure about him. Even crooks who have been beaten up by him think that he might actually be a monster. That mystery and fear are essential to the impact he has on his prey. Daredevil, on the other hand, has no mystery. Most people know who he is. And even if they don't know that he is a blind lawyer, they know for sure that he is not actually a devil. What they do know for sure, from experience, is that he is going to kick their ass. That is what he does. He puts fist to face, and everyone knows it. No matter what power or weapon you pull out, you know he is going to counter it and punch, or kick, or hit you really hard. And that led me to thinking about the security staff at the lock-up facility where I work. They hold a very specific spectrum of power over the boys there. And it is similar to the effect that Daredevil has. Everyone knows that he is not going to kill. But they also know that the fun is over and the pain is coming. Talk and dance and run all you want, the pain is coming. Now consider your regular superhero universe. Consider how often threats are dealt with only to emerge again. How many times do bad guys get out of jail> Come back to life? All the time! So how do you deal with that? Simple. Forget killing the bad guys. Forget arresting them. Forget reforming them. Jut kick their asses. Let them know that if they go out dressed as a bad guy, they are going to get beaten up. I think a guaranteed ass-kicking is a pretty effective deterrent. Even a jail sentence is so uncertain and has so many variables that it becomes a bot abstract. Anyway, this idea is gestating. Watch for it to take shape somewhere down the road.