The tools of the trade

For those of us in creative fields, modern technology just won't stop providing great new tools. Everything you need, or want, to do can now be done quicker and slicker. But tools can also be a hindrance. Your efforts to maximize efficiency can take the place of the thing that you were trying to do efficiently. XKCD did a great cartoon illustrating this.

Tools are great, but they can become excuses. I can't do ______ because I don't have _______. That is a lie that you tell yourself because you are afraid to commit to doing _____.

Because dithering over the details and the versions will make you feel like an expert craftsman without actually taking the creative risk of putting your product out into the world. Stop trying to get it right and just get it done.

Sorry for the rant. To smooth things over, and to give you positive proof that you don't need the proper tools to get the job done, I give you two balloons and a box.