I am here... and there.

A modern comics maker has to also network and be a part of the greater comics community.I do this better than people who do it badly, but not as well as people who are really good at it. But, with as fast as things change on the social media landscape, I bet everyone feels this way.

Ok, so here's where I am and what I am doing there as of early February 2014.

Rapid City on Facebook My personal Facebook. I use this just like everyone else does. I also use it to keep in touch with some comics people. i use it to comment on comics news and events. This is my way to do all the normal sharing that most people do, as well to get my actual name out there. I am careful to not come off like a stalker or something, but when I can make a relevant comment to someone who is actively making comics, it gives me one more drop of name recognition. This is a tough one, because I know this behavior is on the edge of annoying. I don't comment just to comment. I comment when it is relevant.. or amusing. That is the goal anyway. Of course, I also use this account to communicate with other comics people and to participate in various comics groups around Facebook. Facebook groups. I am a member of a few and I have started a few. Some are better than others, but healthy participation never hurts. As with all other parts of the internet, stay positive. Rapid City on Facebook. Chances are you are seeing this post through my Rapid City Facebook page. You know how this works. This is where I share anything that i think a fan of Rapid City might want to see. It gets a little reperitive here because it cross-posts from other places on the web. Sometimes I pay to have these posts bumped, usually if they have some good art in them. Rapid City Open Studio on Facebook. This is a special thing. It is a closed group for people who are actually working on a Rapid City comic. This is where we do our collaboration, out in the open. For anyone who is curious about how the collaborative process works, this is where you can watch it happen.

Rapid City on Twitter Twitter is great for running conversations and commentary. I am not very good at using it. I have just never adjusted to the pace of it. Maybe I need some better desktop app for it or something. I have just never gotten used to following twitter updates. Not using it to its ful advantage, I generally use it to get word out about things I have updated in other places. I do occasionally get in to a conversation about making with other creators.

This blog Here it is. This is where i write about making Rapid City Comics.

Rapid City on Tumblr Somewhere in between Facebook and Twitter. I still do not get how to use it or what niche it fills. I try to keep up my Tumblr in hopes of figuring out how to use it. I think one of my problems with it is that I do not know how to use it as a reader/user. Do i browse it? Do I have some sort of "feed" of interesting Tumbls that I follow like on Facebook? I am not sure what it is doing.

Rapid City on Instagram

Instagram Shawn made me set one up. He is the artist, so I trust him with the visual stuff... though I do not know how to best use it.

And probably some others that I should be keeping up on.

And Linkdin. Crap I forgot that one.

Please click on these. Share them. Like them. Comment on them. Whatever you do... do it to these links.

-Josh Dahl