The Below Zero page 20 breakdown.

This is the latest Below Zero page form artist Shawn Langley. And it is a big one.Below Zero is a twelve issue revenge story. The forward movement of those twelve issues is powered by the pain of loss which happens in the first few pages. This flashback page shows the two villains falling in love. This is the start of what they had, that when taken away is the driving force behind the revenge. So this page has to work.

Up to this point, in flashback, we have seen that young Icicle has never felt a connection anyone in her life. Her own family is indifferent at best. On this page we see (I hope) her connections to the criminal underground take root. So let's take a look. Page 20Panel 1. Here Icicle physically enters the criminal under-world. Shawn initially drew the wall at a 90 degree angle. I suggested slanting it slightly. I think it has made a big difference. The situation seems unstable, but also draws her forward into it. Panel 2. Part of the script for this panel reads "Piledriver is smiling at her and reaching for the bottle". I saw it as an implied romantic connection. Shawn drew her facing us with her back to him. This makes her still feel isolated and his gesture is much more proactive. In my vision of it, it was a shared bond. In Shawn's final product it is him intentionally drawing her out. He is taking action and giving attention that no one had ever given her. Panel 3. This was just intended to show her having fun with her friends. I think it does that. And panel 4. The kiss.