Will Eisner Week workshop today

Today, find writer, Josh Dahl (Rapid City: Below Zero), teaching local kids how to write comics, as part of a week dedicated to comics visionary Will Eisner.  Million Year Picnic and The Cambridge Public Library host a series of workshops teaching young artists and writers what it takes to make comics.  The workshops run today, Saturday March 8th 2014, in the downstairs space at the Cambridge Public Library.   Josh Dahl has been invited to instruct on character generation and story elements.  By guiding this workshop, Josh hopes to show kids how fun it is to create comics while giving them real-world skills for storytelling.   The workshops start at 12:30pm and will be followed by signings at Million Year Picnic from 3pm-6pm with local pros and comic creator Gregory Benton. If you know kids that  love to write and draw stories, bring them over to join Josh and everyone, at the Cambridge Public Library, today!  

State of Rapid City

Here's what's going on with Rapid City comics. Comics Rapid City comics are being made right now.

Issues 1-4, by Josh and Kav, are complete. They form a complete story called "Objects at Rest". Click on the STORE link above if you want to buy them from me.

The "Objects at Rest" collection is in the works.

Kav is currently drawing issue #7. Issues 5-8 are a murder mystery involving Hourglass and Maxwell Murder. These pages are coming along quickly now, but the books themselves might take a little while.

Watch our collaboration live in the Rapid City Open Studio.

Artist Shawn Langley is set to begin working on "Rapid City: Below Zero". This will be a twelve issue super-villain revenge epic.  We hope issue 1 will be in my hands on time for New York Comic Con.

Appearances Josh will be at M.I.C.E. September 28-29 in Cambridge,MA. Stay up to date through their facebook page.

Josh will also be wandering the floor of NYCC, October 10-13. If you are an editor, or press, , or a fellow creator, or just a cool person and want to talk to him there, get in touch.

Josh is also looking into this Harvard Book Store thing, but we will know more in a little while.

Online You can find us at: The Rapid City home page. On Twitter On Facebook The Rapid City Open Studio on Facebook

Press Please contact Josh for review copies, more information, or to set up interviews.

Appetite for Discussion

Last night, I went down to the offices of Dig Boston and was interviewed by Ashley Amber Bottoms on her Unregular Radio show Bottoms Up: Appetite for Discussion.AAB and Josh She asked me all about Rapid City and how it came to be. It was super fun. But one of the most exciting parts (for me) was near the end when we got a call from a guy who could not get the show to play on his computer and was trying to work out why. The caller and I talked about the comics that he likes for a few minutes before I realized who it was. It was Kav!

He and I have only worked online and have never actually talked before! So, that was our first auditory meeting!

On the way home, it occurred to me that there is an episode of DECOMPRESSED that Kav and I really like where Keiron Gillen talks to the creative team of Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a book that Kav and I really like. And on that episode... Matt Fraction and David Aja actually speak for the first time.

How cool is that?