Issue #8

The script for the eighth issue of the superhero comic book, Rapid City, has now been posted. Read and discuss it here.

Panel 5 Hourglass is now close to Kinetic and Max. Kinetic is, once again, making it to his feet by stepping away from Max who had been looming over him. Kinetic's gut is bleeding all over.


Can't hold on.


Don't. I can do this. Just hold on.

Panel 6 Tight shot of Hourglass and Max face to face. They are both in profile. He is enraged, and still frozen in place. She is looking bad. Blood and tears on her face. But, also, clarity.

Panel 7 Similar to panel six, but turned so that we can see it more from Max's POV. She is looking clear and focused, but she is also tense with effort. Emphasis on open bullet hole.


Who are you? Why did you kill me?

8 Down

I just finished page 23 of issue #8. It is, as predicted, a few days late. But, it is done. Ultimately it did just what I wanted it to do, while at the same time pulling out some cool surprises on my.

Maxwell Murder's final act of cruelty really shocked me. Not just that he did it, and not exactly that I came up with it... but how simple and obvious it was. That is how people describe good writing. When either writing it or reading it, the outcome should feel like a surprise. But, it should also feel like inevitable in hind-sight.

I apologize if this post is clumsy or nonsensical. I am sleepy as I am writing it. I better make sure I proofread teh hell out of number 8 before I post it.