State of Rapid City

Here's what's going on with Rapid City comics. Comics Rapid City comics are being made right now.

Issues 1-4, by Josh and Kav, are complete. They form a complete story called "Objects at Rest". Click on the STORE link above if you want to buy them from me.

The "Objects at Rest" collection is in the works.

Kav is currently drawing issue #7. Issues 5-8 are a murder mystery involving Hourglass and Maxwell Murder. These pages are coming along quickly now, but the books themselves might take a little while.

Watch our collaboration live in the Rapid City Open Studio.

Artist Shawn Langley is set to begin working on "Rapid City: Below Zero". This will be a twelve issue super-villain revenge epic.  We hope issue 1 will be in my hands on time for New York Comic Con.

Appearances Josh will be at M.I.C.E. September 28-29 in Cambridge,MA. Stay up to date through their facebook page.

Josh will also be wandering the floor of NYCC, October 10-13. If you are an editor, or press, , or a fellow creator, or just a cool person and want to talk to him there, get in touch.

Josh is also looking into this Harvard Book Store thing, but we will know more in a little while.

Online You can find us at: The Rapid City home page. On Twitter On Facebook The Rapid City Open Studio on Facebook

Press Please contact Josh for review copies, more information, or to set up interviews.

Open Studio 7/22/2013

What is The Open StudioShawn has been working on some initial character designs for Rapid City: Below Zero.

Claw Hammer

Shawn, I just love this vision of Claw Hammer. I never really pictured him to clearly as I was writing it, but this just nails the character. I can't wait to see what you do with those claws we talked about. -Josh

[I just pictured a man that loves his job. :) The "basher" types always seem to enjoy cutting loose, and I just picture this dude wearing armor/padding so he can move, and looking like he's having fun destroying people/things.]

Funny. That is almost the opposite of who Claw Hammer is in this story. Of all of the villains, he is the one who can see that what they are doing is wrong. He is the only one who feels some remorse over what they are doing, but he feels trapped in the life he has made. What you have drawn here is YOUNG Claw Hammer. Back when he did enjoy it. -Josh


Coil is looking great. Maybe thicken up his neck pieces a bit. Also, lots of thin wires squirming around might look good. But, also, be hard to draw. -Josh

[He might be the most fun character to draw in this. The wires are gonna suck. :D ]


And Icicle! She is looking great. Her face is looking too cute. She should be pretty, but not cute. Not to be too cliche, but she should be thin-lipped and icy. She should look like a girl who would have been quite pretty, but has spent just a few too many hard years. Not haggard and rough... but certainly with a hard edge. -Josh

[Yeah, just ignore the face. I didn't like how that was turning out, so I'm just gonna flesh out the rest and skip the face on this particular pic. ]

Open Studio 7/7/2013

What is the Open Studio?

Cats out of the bag now. Artist Shawn Langley has joined the Rapid City team. He's going to be working on a 12 issue, all-villains, story arc and has already started some of the sketching. And, as is Rapid City tradition, he is sharing them in the Open Studio.



This is the first drawing ever of my character Icicle. And I like it. I like that she does not have long hair, but also not a "pixie cut". My favorite detail is the ice studs on the costume. Cool. -Josh



Ok, some slight revisions here. We talked about thickening up the costume a bit. I don't want the silky-thin look that a lot of costumes have. I want something with a little weight to it. I like that you have started to work that in here. The ice motif as dickie-type thing that hangs down... that looks real cool, but I don't know how well it suits the character. I do like the one on the bottom right. I especially like jagged bottom line of the top. If that is like a thicker waist-coat, the the stuff under it could be that thinner silky material, or even bare. I like it. -Josh

[I might put it together, not as a flap hanging down, as I've drawn it, but as one piece, with the "flap section" outlined. i keep thinking leather armor, like any medieval style, i.e. Game of Thrones, with metal rivets/studs, but those rivets actually being the ice buds you suggested. --Shawn]

I like that thinking. Keep the medieval suggestion subtle. Also, the ice buds from which he spikes and ice armor will grow should be like rivet holes, or grommets, when she is powered down. They are holes down to her skin, through which she can grow her ice. -Josh