Open Studio 3/25/2012

OK, Kav, I just got some positive word from Jason about the lettering and the pre-press stuff that has to happen. I have good reason to believe that issue 1 could be going to press by the end of the week.So, that said, when can you start on issue #4?


that is a good question.  I'm working on Crimson Mask and deadline is 5 pages every Mon.  So far I am ahead of schedule by about 5 days...if I can get enough buffer zone I want to start #4.  Summer I have off so definitely by then I will have the time to work 2 projects.  Are you saying #1 has been lettered so it will be physically printed? REMEMBER to reduce KA BLAM pages 6% so the edges

don't get nipped off-everyone I showed that book to liked it but commented on the edges being cut off.  We don't want those kind of comments.  Also I hope you changed dialogue to have characters calling each other by name. -Kav

I actually said "shit" out loud just now. Last night I went back over the script for final edits and I completely forgot to check for name usage. Thankfully, this is a very low-pressure stage for changes.

As far as those margins go, I am sure that Jason is aware of them. But, i will remind him to make sure. -Josh

ps here's another crimson mask preview-panel 3 from page 6

was Jason aware of them for #11?  Hmmm?  I'm just sayin.

Boston Comic Con

Starting to get hits from the Boston Comic Con site.That is cool, and I guess that means they have received and processed my application for some table space there. It is April 21st and 22nd. I hope to see you there.

Even more, I hope to have new issues to sell there!

Also, though slightly late, issue 29 is very close to completion.

And, I keep getting more and more pages from Kav for the earlier issues. I need to get more scripting done tonight, but I will post some Kav art soon.