Issue 39

The script for the 39th issue of Rapid City has just been posted. With this issue, the series comes together as a team book with the formation of The Rapid Citizens. Read it here.

Panel 1 Smaller shot of a weary and well pissed off Knuckleduster tearing the rear wheel off of a motorcycle.

Panel 2 Larger shot of Knuckleduster holding the dismembered bike by its rear forks, she smashes it to the ground. The Dead Men are reeling at the sight.

Panel 3 Tight shot on Knuckleduster, streaked with rain, grease, and soot.


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Issue 38

The script for issue #38 of Rapid City has just been posted. You can read it here.

Panel 3 Flamethrower using two huge flame arms to pick up a nearby car. Sidekick now yelling.



Panel 4 Flamethrower smashing the car down at Heikkous, who is deftly slicing the car in half. Again, Sidekick is yelling.



Panel 5 Sidekick grabbing Flamethrower roughly to get her attention.


It's not working!

Panel 6 Possibly inset over panel 5. Small tight shot of Sidekick looking very concerned.



Honey, it's not working.

Issue 37

The script for issue #37 of Rapid City has just been posted. Read it here. Attitudes towards crime, and crime-fighters, have been changing in Rapid City. Switchboard starts to wonder if the city still needs superheroes just as a human villain ignites an extra-dimensional invasion.

Panel 2 Heikkous atop a mound of cars. She has clearly pushed all of the cars in a medium sized lot into a large pile and has gotten on top of it to gloat.

HEIKKOUS I am Heikkous, war-born. I mark the end of all that you have known.

Panel 3 Flamethrower charging across the cleared lot toward Heikkous.

HEIKKOUS Rejoice! Your last days are at hand!

FLAMETHROWER Yeah? Maybe you should rejoice.

Panel 4 Flamethrower using one huge flame arm to vault herself high in to the air, and using the other to form a huge flame fist.

FLAMETHROWER Because your last day is at hand!

Panel 5 Sidekick standing up from the rubble, looking surprised and impressed with the action in front of him.

SIDEKICK Kick her ass, Flamethrower!

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Issue 36

The script for Rapid City #36 has just been posted. Read the whole script here.  

Panel 1 Wide shot of the bleak, wintery, lake-lot. Coil stands at the far left of the panel. He is facing the reader, but far away. He is tense and ready for war. ICICLE's feet are just barely in the panel at the far right.

Panel 2 Tight shot on COIL's eyes, maybe some more of hisface. He looks angry.
Your arm... what is that?
Panel 3 Wide shot of the two of them facing off like gunslingers. Icicle is on the left and Coil is on the right. Each fills their own side of the panel. This panel has no borders, and bleeds out across theentire page.
Why did you come here, Coil?
To kill you.
Panel 4 Mirror of panel 2. Tight on Icicle's eyes. Looking icy.
No you didn't, you coward, you-
Panel 5 Mirror of panel 1. Icicle far away, facing the reader. She is at the far right side of the panel. At the far left are Coil's feet. They look like he is running toward her.

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