The 16th of March

It is the 16th of March, and I have no new rapid City script to post.That is not a sad thing, however, because Kav and I have been working on a different script project. This method we are using is much more collaborative, and that makes it harder to predict how long it will take to get it done. That script is not complete, but it is done to the point where it is at least usable by an artist.

I am not really happy that i missed this deadline, but i am not crushed by it either. I have been a few days late in the past... and I am breaking in a whole new method of getting comics done. So, I give myself a little grace period there.


Welcome to all of the people I met at M.I.C.E. and all of the people who have been noticing Rapid City #1 online. I am really happy to be getting all of this attention for the book that Kav and I have worked so hard on. You might still be able to get some digital Rapid City comics for free if you go to the COMICS section of this site. But, those will be coming down some time soon. i promise. For a look behind the scenes, you can follow our Open Studio in which Kav and I collaborate in the open, for all to see. And, of course, there's always Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Open Studio 7/28/2012 RC 6 p 24

What is the Open Studio?

Ok, here's the images we discussed for Hourglass on the page 24 splash. The first one, the bird's eye, is not as good as the worm's eye view. Good call dude but i had to try both. ps what a great line- "too much mass and acceleration" -refering not only to the events that enveloped Hourglass but also to the mystic bullet slowly penetrating her brain....inspired if i may say so...


I agree, the lower shot looks better. And thanks for the kind words on the double meaning. It is also a reference to Newton's second law of motion. -Josh

I know dude-two semesters of physics.  ok i'm going with that one but actually i think it would look better without the hand on arm-she's not pensive, she's resigned, right? i'm doing this page with bold brushstrokes.