Open Studio 7/7/2013

What is the Open Studio?

Cats out of the bag now. Artist Shawn Langley has joined the Rapid City team. He's going to be working on a 12 issue, all-villains, story arc and has already started some of the sketching. And, as is Rapid City tradition, he is sharing them in the Open Studio.



This is the first drawing ever of my character Icicle. And I like it. I like that she does not have long hair, but also not a "pixie cut". My favorite detail is the ice studs on the costume. Cool. -Josh



Ok, some slight revisions here. We talked about thickening up the costume a bit. I don't want the silky-thin look that a lot of costumes have. I want something with a little weight to it. I like that you have started to work that in here. The ice motif as dickie-type thing that hangs down... that looks real cool, but I don't know how well it suits the character. I do like the one on the bottom right. I especially like jagged bottom line of the top. If that is like a thicker waist-coat, the the stuff under it could be that thinner silky material, or even bare. I like it. -Josh

[I might put it together, not as a flap hanging down, as I've drawn it, but as one piece, with the "flap section" outlined. i keep thinking leather armor, like any medieval style, i.e. Game of Thrones, with metal rivets/studs, but those rivets actually being the ice buds you suggested. --Shawn]

I like that thinking. Keep the medieval suggestion subtle. Also, the ice buds from which he spikes and ice armor will grow should be like rivet holes, or grommets, when she is powered down. They are holes down to her skin, through which she can grow her ice. -Josh

Open Studio 3/23/2013 #5 cover

What is the Open Studio?

Kav has posted this sketch for the cover of Rapid City #5

Kav's first sketch for #5's cover

I like it. The line next to kinetic, is that just a guide for you, or are you seeing that on the actual page? If on the page, I don't think we need a divider like that between back and front. Or, if we do, just to divide the fron t from the back, we could wrap a line pretty tightly around Kinetic. The way Walt Simonson would. Also, the fight is looking pretty good, but I think it will be more dramatic if Max has his head rocked back a bit so that we can see the rage on his face... Or, if not rage then just cruelty and malice. -Josh