The Immortal Iron Fist #25

Ruling with an Iron Fist The Immortal Iron Fist #25

Duane Swierczynski Travel Foreman

Swierczynski's run on this title really starts to pick up steam with this arc.

What worked: This story arc has managed to find some feet that the previous arcs in this book have not quite had. What makes it work is the simple, high-concept, nature of the story. Watch me encapsulate it: The Immortal Weapons travel to their version of Hell to right some injustices done long ago. When they arrive, they are surprised to find themselves in Hell. None of the previous arcs in this series have had a simple, instant, mouthful of story like this. It's got mysticism, kung-fu, intrigue, and it still feels like a Marvel action comic book. Being set in Hell, this story arc has essentially been an escape plot, and the climax of any escape plot must be the escape....and what goes wrong during its execution. In this case, the major fly in the ointment comes out as a trickle-reveal of a very significant mistaken identity.

What did not work: The sub-plot that is brewing with Davos is being revealed to coyly. Cunning hints and teases of things to come are great, but it has been a month since we got our last hint, and it will be another month before we get another little hint-morsel. I do not remember what Davos is doing there. I just hope that when his secret whatever is revealed that we get a quick recap of what he has been doing.