I have been reading Geoff Klock's How to Read Superhero Comics and Why. I was unaware of Harold Bloom's book How to Read and Why. The book is highly literate, to the point of being show-offy. It is very intelligent, but something was just putting me off. When the buddy who sent me this copy clued me in the the existence of Bloom's book, it hit me.

This is not an actual book that I am reading. This is a Literary Theory FanFic. A FanLitCrit. This guy is not actually saying anything about superheroes or comics books. He is just answering the unasked question: What if Harold Bloom had read Watchmen?

Seeing it in this way, it is getting more and more frustrating. Because this guy isn't really saying anything new at all, he is just showing off with someone else's ideas, and he is using a genre that I care about and take seriously to do it.

And, just to cram these two subjects together into the same post, I am excited about going to see Rob Zombie at the House of Blues in Boston tonight.