The Walking Dead #60

The Walking Dead #60 The swarming dead

Kirkman Adlard

Robert Kirkman's zombie epic keeps rolling along.

What worked: 60 creator owned issues? Clearly this book works. It is relentless. This book is not cute or fun or "awesome". There are no "Planet Terror" moments in this comic. It is all badness, all the time. So when some of the characters seem to have found a possible respite, you really do feel for them. You really do want it to last, despite the fact that you know from reading the other plot line in the same issue that their peace is going to be very short lived.

What did not work: After 60 issues with a fairly stable cast, Kirkman's characters start to sound a bit like their own cliches. But maybe that is just realism. After spending that much time with the same people, I guess you really would get sick of the sound of their voices.