Calling a spade a spade.

It used to be the thing for comics creators to give black characters names with the word "black" in them.When white Clint Barton turned huge, he was just called "Goliath", but when black Bill Foster gets the same power, he was "Black Goliath". It is embarrassing for us to look back on now, but I think that hearts were in the right place. Since then, it has been a real no-no.

So, in Rapid City comics, I have been letting race happen very naturally. When someone seems like a they should be a certain race, I make them that race. I feel like it has been working out pretty well. I have a nice mix.

But, my book is mostly heroes. Not villains. Somehow, as a result, most of my villains have been white. So, now that I am writing a more villain centered story, that imbalance has become more obvious.

So, as I make new characters for this story, I am faced with the prospect of adding my first "token" minorities.

One character just really came together. An enlightened gang-banger, turned corrupted black-anarchist, turned super-villain tech-support! (trust me, that is the quick version... there is more to him than that)

So, what would he call himself? What is the perfectly succinct symbol of his anti-establishment world-view? Of course... Black Flag!

I just made a black character whose name starts with the word "black". But it works and I think it fits the character, so I think it is ok.

Also, I realize that the title of this post stupidly racist.... but I just could not resist the play on words.